I'm Laura Bollinger and I am running to be the Claremont representative for the Citrus College Board of Trustees. The election is set for November 3rd.

Student success must remain at the core of the decision-making process at Citrus and will be my guiding principle.

I am the right choice for Citrus Trustee because:

  • This is a non-partisan position and I am not influenced by any special interest groups

  • As a Trustee, I will represent the students and faculty at Citrus and the taxpayers of Claremont

  • I have strong ties to Citrus and am a long-time advocate - I understand Citrus

  • I have 25 years of dedicated community service to Claremont - I understand our community

  • Non-profit board work has prepared me for the role of Trustee - I understand what a Trustee does

  • As a Trustee, I will work to ensure the continued success of Citrus College

My Goals for Citrus

  • Raise awareness of the power and success of the CA Community College System—the largest higher education system in the nation—and the prominence of Citrus College in that system

  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion and eliminate structural inequality where it exists recognizing that diversity of race, economics, gender and age has always been a great asset for community colleges

  • Ensure that student services are available to students and remain adequately funded. Key student services include programs that address food and housing insecurity, technology issues, emotional and mental wellness, and programs for disabled students and veterans. Student services at Citrus are integral to student success.

  • Encourage a needs assessment to determine if a Child Development Center at Citrus is feasible. Years ago, Citrus had a center that provided both childcare for students and faculty that needed it as well as real-world experience for Citrus students studying Child Development.

  • Encourage the great programs that have led to the many recognitions that Citrus has received, including the National Excellence in Student Success Award

  • Support the Guided Pathways model for student academic advising that has helped promote student equity and prepare students for success at Citrus and beyond

  • Facilitate the growth of Career and Technical education programs at Citrus to meet the needs of the unemployed in this new economic environment with a focus on training for the jobs of the future

  • Promote the growth of Dual Enrollment at Citrus, the program currently in place that provides college-level, transferrable classes for students at Claremont High School and San Antonio High School

  • Celebrate the achievements of tremendous faculty at Citrus in order to continue to attract top educators who will shape student success

  • Address the upcoming budget issues that will result from the COVID-19 disruptions in communities, ensuring that Citrus is actively preparing for the future and that students can get the classes they need to succeed

  • Advocate for legislation that paves the way for student success such as AB 705, a landmark law passed in 2017 that changed community college core requirements in Math and English in order to facilitate transfers to four-year colleges

  • Support the implementation of the newly-approved 2020 Sustainability Plan at Citrus and encourage future sustainability efforts

  • Promote the economic and academic benefits of the California Community College system for students in today’s rapidly-changing college environment

  • Highlight the local impact of Citrus College on the Claremont Community

Recordings and Past Events

Claremont Speaks Logo JPG.jpg

Claremont Speaks Podcast

Laura spoke with host Russ Binder about why she is running for Area 2  Citrus Trustee and the issues that are important to her in this election.

Click here to listen.

Claremont Democratic Club Interviews

Laura Bollinger and Joe Salas answer questions presented from the Claremont Democratic club.  It was recorded on Sept. 15th (first 35 minutes are Laura & Joe)

click here to listen

Pilgrim Place Candidates Forum

All three Citrus Trustee, Area 2 candidates participated in a forum hosted by Pilgrim Place.  It was recorded on Sept. 18th

click here to listen

LWV of Mt. Baldy Area Candidates Forum

All three Citrus Trustee, Area 2 candidates participated in a forum hosted by LWV.  It was recorded on Oct. 1st

click here to listen

Active Claremont Candidates Forum

All three Citrus Trustee, Area 2 candidates participated in a forum hosted by Active Claremont.  It was recorded on Oct. 7

click here to listen

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Did You Know?

  • Citrus College was founded in 1915 and is the oldest Community College in Los Angeles County and is the 5th oldest in the state.

  • In 1967, Claremont chose Citrus as their Community College and became a part of the Citrus College District.

  • The Board of Trustees for Citrus College has five elected members, each representing a different geographic area from Claremont to Monrovia.

  • Claremont is in Area 2 of the Citrus College District and this Area mirrors the CUSD area. It covers Claremont and a very small part of LaVerne and Pomona.

  • The term of a Trustee is four years.

  • Board members meet once a month year-round with a few exceptions where they meet twice a month

  • The Board of Trustees establishes policies, approves current and long-range educational plans and programs, and promotes orderly growth of Citrus College.

  • Currently, Citrus serves over 19,000 students annually.

  • Citrus offers 67 associate degrees.

  • Citrus offers 83 certificates and skill awards in career technical programs.

  • Citrus offers 28 associate degrees for transfer.

  • The 2019-2020 operating budget is $79 million.

  • Citrus College has 104 acre campus, 44 buildings and seven outdoor athletics facilities.

  • Citrus College’s accreditation has been reaffirmed through 2021.

Source: https://citruscollege.edu  


Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Sue Keith

Michael Fay


Campaign Co-Chairs

Chelsea Bollinger

Sam Pedroza


Cindy Sullivan

Campaign Committee

Frank & Catherine D'Emilio

Helaine Goldwater

Suzanne Hall

Diann Ring

Barbara Rugeley

Jeff & Cris Stark

Kathy Zetterberg

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